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Beware that this work is completely obsolete!

This did never reach production, and albeit it is good idea you can not expect to base future work on this.

An attempt to implement editing of EAD using OOo

OpenOffice.org Writer is a word processor which is based on XML technologies. Furthermore, it is able to read and write other XML formats than its native using export and import filters written in XSLT. This package implements editing of EAD in OOo using that mechanism.

Please note that this once was a work in progress

Don't expect this to work at all! The EAD produced isn't valid, and don't ever edit any originals using this. The EAD header is currently fake...

How to install

It is based on earlier efforts, and is used and installed the same way as the DocBook filter (cf., http://xml.openoffice.org/xmerge/docbook/) and the very similar TEI filter (cf., http://www.tei-c.org/Software/teioo/) It is based on both of these packages.

To run it you'll need the following (all of it is packaged in a zip-archive, see below):

The first of these files is automatically generated by transform table-lables.xml using generate-stylesheet.xsl. The whole package are in the_package.zip, which is usually the most recent version that actually works ;-)


This experiment was performed as a part of the Ediffah project.