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2011-01-12: I have smoked a cigarr together with The Book Thief
This is the story about the one and only book thief I've met
The Library, Stories, 2011

2010-05-10: On my life as being connected
The new smartphone/tablet computer intervenes in my life, sometimes annoying me, but more often my wife and other people
Stories, 2010

2010-05-10: Bell's Books
I bought three books at Bell's Books, 536 Emerson Street, Palo Alto
Stories, 2010


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My name is Sigfrid Lundberg. The stuff I publish here may, or may not, be of interest for anyone else.

On this site there is material on photography, music, literature and other stuff I enjoy in life. However, most of it is related to my profession as an Internet programmer and software developer within the area of digital libraries at the Royal Library, Copenhagen (Denmark) and, before that, Lund university (Sweden).

The content here does not reflect the views of my past or present employers